Module CAMPRule

CAMPRule is a small language built on top of CAMP (Calculus for Aggregating Matching Patterns). It help to bridge the gap between the CAMP core calculus and real-world production rule languages such as JRules.

The language is built as a set of macros on top of CAMP. It is described in Section 3 of the article "A Pattern Calculus for Rule Languages: Expressiveness, Compilation, and Mechanization" by Avraham Shinnar, Jérôme Siméon, and Martin Hirzel (ECOOP'2015).

Section CAMPRule.

  Require Import String.
  Require Import List.
  Require Import EquivDec.
  Require Import Utils.
  Require Import BasicRuntime.
  Require Export CAMPRuntime.

  Local Open Scope camp_scope.
  Local Open Scope string.

  Context {fruntime:foreign_runtime}.

Abstract Syntax Tree

  Inductive camp_rule :=
  | rule_when : camp -> camp_rule -> camp_rule (* Match against each element of the working memory. *)
  | rule_global : camp -> camp_rule -> camp_rule (* Match against the working memory as a collection *)
  | rule_not : camp -> camp_rule -> camp_rule (* A rule that must not match any working memory element. *)
  | rule_return : camp -> camp_rule (* Rule to return a value for each successful match-set. *)
  | rule_match : camp -> camp_rule. (* This allows a rule to simply match a camp pattern. *)

Translate CAMPRule into the CAMP kernel

  Fixpoint camp_rule_to_camp (rule:camp_rule) : camp
    := match rule with
         | rule_when p ps =>
           punop AFlatten
                          (camp_rule_to_camp ps))))
         | rule_global p ps =>
           punop AFlatten
                       (WW p)
                       (camp_rule_to_camp ps)))
         | rule_not p ps =>
           punop AFlatten
                       (notholds p RETURN BINDINGS)
                       (camp_rule_to_camp ps)))
         | rule_return p =>
           makeSingleton p
         | rule_match p =>


  Definition eval_camp_rule_debug (h:list(string*string)) (print_env:bool) (r:camp_rule) (world:list data)
    : presult_debug data
    := camp_eval_debug h (mkWorld world) print_env nil (camp_rule_to_camp r) nil dunit.

  Definition eval_camp_rule_res_to_string
             (h:list(string*string)) (print_env:bool) (r:camp_rule) (world:list data)
    : string
    := let pp := (camp_rule_to_camp r) in
       print_presult_debug pp toString_camp_with_path
                           (camp_eval_debug h
                                         (mkWorld world)
                                         print_env nil pp nil dunit).

Semantics of CAMP rules, returning a presult
  Definition eval_camp_rule_res (h:list(string*string)) (r:camp_rule) (world:list data)
    : presult data
    := camp_eval h (mkWorld world) (camp_rule_to_camp r) nil dunit.

  Definition eval_camp_rule (h:list(string*string)) (r:camp_rule) (world:list data)
    : option (list data)
    := match eval_camp_rule_res h r world with
       | Success l => Some (l::nil)
       | RecoverableError => Some nil
       | TerminalError => None

  Section Top.
    Context (h:brand_relation_t).

    Definition camp_rule_eval_top (q:camp_rule) (cenv:bindings) :=
      match camp_eval h (rec_sort cenv) (camp_rule_to_camp q) nil dunit with
      | Success l => Some (dcoll (l::nil))
      | RecoverableError => Some (dcoll nil)
      | TerminalError => None

    Definition camp_rule_eval_top_debug (debug:bool) (q:camp_rule) (cenv:bindings) :=
      let pp := camp_rule_to_camp q in
      print_presult_debug pp toString_camp_with_path
                          (camp_eval_debug h
                                           (rec_sort cenv)
                                           debug nil pp nil dunit).
  End Top.

End CAMPRule.